Monday, 3 March 2008

Strategic Learning & Development - 2008 Conference, Amsterdam 21-22 Feb. (3)

In this my final post relating to the recent Strategic Learning & Development conference, I want to highlight three models/frameworks I found particularly helpful.

Kerry Derry (Director of HR Operations - Coors Brewers) shared the following model as a simple, but very powerful & practical framework for engaging senior line leaders on their own learning.

The model consists of three overlapping circles - representing (i) Self, (ii) Context & (iii) 'Others' - i.e. employees/colleagues - with Leadership being the intersection of these three dimensions.

For me, this highlights the need for a focus on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Business Acumen, & Interpersonal Skills ... equally: that these Leadership Competencies must be considered in relation to each other !

Nick Shackleton-Jones (Manager, Online and Informal Learning - BBC) described an Online Learning Strategy pyramid. This combines both top-down and bottom-up approaches.

At the top of the pyramid is the 'High End' driven by a top-down approach. This online e-learning is high-cost, involves extended development, and requires high interactivity.

At the bottom of the pyramid are 'Social Learning Technologies'. Wikis, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook drive online learning from a bottom-up strategy.

In the middle of the pyramid is 'Rapid Development' (typically = Rapid E-Learning). The top-down & bottom-up strategies merge, thanks to the availability of inexpensive tools and templates for rapid content development.

In my view, this helps position the co-existence of these online learning approaches within an integrated strategy that needs to be both deliberate and emergent. It also suggests that the rapid e-learning tools may prove to be very valuable if the top-down and bottom-up strategies can be reconciled (e.g. to position SMEs to create e-learning that is more than just 'automated powerpoint presentations', and thus achieves 'top-down' quality standards)

Finally: Rainer von Leoprechting (Head of Management and Organisation Development - European Commission) provided the Commission's Emergent Learning Agenda.

  • Professional development of HR Functions
  • Organisational Development
  • Action Learning
  • Promoting 'on-the-job' Training
  • Learning support as an internal consulting service
  • Building Communities of Practice to enhance knowledge sharing
I'd suggest that this provides a great checklist for any organisation !

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