Thursday, 28 June 2007

Reflections from the HR Directors Strategy Meeting 2007 (London, IBDG) Part 2

Also from this meeting, Charles Jennings of Reuters share a model of linking skills and behaviours to performance that I found very powerful.

Performance is the result of a combination of Skills & Behaviours

Typically the influence of Skills is 30%,
Behaviours being responsible for 70%


Data drives Info that drives Knowledge that builds Skills

The Environment influences Attitudes that influences Behaviours


So why is this a powerful model ?

People managers (supervisors) have a major influence on Environment - so however much we support the learning of new skills, the business results of their application will be highly dependant on the role of the line manager.

  • Hence, people managers need to understand this link.
  • Also, any evaluation of the business impact of learning/training needs to reflect this co-dependency (ie success or failure of training is not attributable solely to the L&D team).