Thursday, 13 September 2007

"Blogs are no fad ..."

I recently read 'The Corporate Blogging Book' by Debbie Weil

I found this to be a solid text - if somewhat focused too much on the role of blogging for external communications for my own interests.

Personally, it would have been good to hear more about the use of blogging 'behind the corporate firewall' . Also from the L&D frame-of-reference - it would be good to hear more about how powerful blogging becomes as a tool for reflection and learning at the CxO level.

However, one memorable quote in the book is:

"Blogs are no fad. they are cheap and easy to do. And blogs fulfil that deepest of human needs as defined by psychologist Abraham Maslow: self-actualization. People write blogs because they want to know themselves and want to be known by others and because they want their lives to count. "

Rich Karlgaard, Forbes, Dec 26, 2005 (cited on page 148 of Debbie Weil's book)

It would be interesting to know if this is a widely held aim of those blogging - and how successful this approach is at contributing to a feeling of self-actualization (is the evidence out there ?)