Friday, 18 July 2008

When Jo meets Charlie

Meet Charlie by Scott Gavin is 'A visual and entertaining example of web 2.0 within the corporation.'

This presentation (and related variations such as Meet Jessica) are proving very popular in my organisation among those keen to learn more about WHAT is Enterprise 2.0.

Equally, when I first came across these presentation last year I felt that they missed the opportunity to speak directly about WHY Enterprise 2.0 tools should be adopted widely in the workplace.

Change is never easy. As I've previously commented upon in the context of Implementation 2.0:

There is currently a significant gap between the early adopters of Web 2.0 collaboration technologies in the workplace - and the majority of the workforce. The fact that the typical worker is drowing under a sea of email communications, but still not grabbing RSS, IM, Wikis, TAGs etc from the hands of IT, illustrates how difficult it is to effect widespread change management.

Hence, my addition to the 'Meet Charlie' franchise aims to approach the 'selling' of Enterprise 2.0 as solutions for some of the most frequent challenges observed with the 'standard' collaboration and communication software.

In 'When Jo meets Charlie' I aimed to address issues such as 'why when I'm constantly interupted by email alerts would I be interested in adding to my problem by installing an Instant Messenger ?'

I'm now posting this externally at the request of my IT colleagues.

I'm delighted in my colleagues ongoing interest in blending their technical knowledge, with the people-centered change-management approaches of 'Learning & Organisational Development'. I hope this helps illustrate the value of collaboration between HR & IT in this area.

I also hope it helps other organisations extend colleague interest in Enterprise 2.0 tools beyond those early adopters - helping enhance collaboration and communication in your workplace.