Monday, 4 February 2008

Implementation 2.0

Here is a great article from Jay Cross, writing in Learning Circuits on the the human side of implementing and sustaining collaborative networks.

In parallel, there are currently various articles being published by Gary Hamel in support of his latest book 'The Future of Management'.

Together, I'd suggest they provide solid foundations of guidance for L&D Professionals seeking to impact the application of Enterprise 2.0 in their organisations.

There is currently a significant gap between the early adopters of Web 2.0 collaboration technologies in the workplace - and the majority of the workforce. The fact that the typical worker is drowing under a sea of email communications, but still not grabbing RSS, IM, Wikis, TAGs etc from the hands of IT, illustrates how difficult it is to effect widespread change management.
[Those less familiar with these challenges may want to read the excellent 'Change or Die' article from The Fast Company].

I'd suggest that through our expert understanding of the levers of change-management, HR/L&D/OD professionals have a real opportunity to accelerate the bridging of this gap in their organisations ...... but only if we as a profession buy into, and share the vision of Enterprise 2.0 held by the early adopters !

Equally, we need to revisit the traditional mix of management training and development championed by HR/L&D/OD.

Hamel makes the case that companies need to innovate management practices to better cope with and thrive in a business landscape market by fundamental technology change and globalization. Hence, traditional management models will not enable businesses to adequately respond to future competitive forces.

A key point that Hamel makes is the need for practical 'experimentation' to find new, innovative management models. Management training on 'Collaboration' and 'Innovation' should probably be high up on the agenda to support this ?!

Thoughts ?