Thursday, 28 February 2008

Interesting Links (February 2008)

Here is an interesting article from the Fast Company on how better training, RSS readers and/or Instant Messaging are being used to turn the tide for those drowning in email.

"Remember when a new email in your inbox was as exciting as the postman dropping off a card from grandma with a $5 bill in it? Those days are over. Now email is a crushing tsunami. The average corporate email account receives 18 MB of mail and attachments each business day, according to the analyst firm Radicati Group; the figure is projected to grow to 28 MB a day by 2011. No wonder there's a fledgling movement afoot to periodically declare "email bankruptcy"--delete all your saved emails and start over. Never fear; less extreme solutions are being implemented by corporations fed up with wasted resources. The results are surprisingly good."


Can Internal Coaches Be As Effective as Outsiders ?

More insights from GE (via Harvard) - this time relating to their use of internal HR colleagues as executive coaches (for their high potential leaders). The article by Marshall Goldsmith is a quick, insightful read.


Focusing on sharing Scientific information - the following link is an interesting concept:


SciVee is an online science community where scientists can make their research known to their fellow peers as well as the general public. Scientists can create "pubcasts" which are online presentations that allow a scientist to combine their publication with media such as video, audio, images, and text to allow visitors to quickly grasp the key concepts of their publications, as well as an increased chance for citation. Scientists can also form communities around their research/projects/interests and can start discussions or plan events with