Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Learning from Visualization of the Competition

I expect that 'The Future of Management' by Gary Hamel will be a text that I will continue to refer to on several occasions over the next few months.

I was particularly interested to read how:

In one company, a few enterprising activists built a "hospital" in the corporate training center. In each of ten or so beds, they placed an effigy of a once healthy competitor who was currently struggling for survival. From the end of each gurney hung a "medical" chart outlining the patient's declining financial health and the strategic mis-steps that had landed it in the ICU.

Apparently more than 3000 employees toured the ward, including the company's board of directors ...helping them start a 'conversation' to spur organizational change.

While the identity of the company is not clear, they should be acknowledged for this creative approach to L&D !